About the Lab

What does the Library Innovation Lab do?

We’re building things in libraries.

How can I get in touch with the Lab?

We’re interested in feedback and collaborators. Follow us on Twitter or shoot us an email if you’re interested in any of our projects or sketches. Each project and sketch page has its own contact form if you want to get in touch that way. And our code is all open source. Send a pull request on Github if you want to help or collaborate.

Contact us online

Contact us in person

  • The Library Innovation Lab
  • Langdell Hall
  • 1545 Massachusetts Avenue
  • Cambridge, MA 02138
  • phone: 617-000-0000

What’s our story?

We are a small group within the Harvard University Library system that implements in software ideas about how libraries can be ever more valuable.

Our aim is to try out ideas by creating them in usable form. Much of the software we build will be simply proof-of-concept, as opposed to production-quality code. But, we also expect to build some projects all the way out. 

We hope to become a center of fresh thinking about the role of libraries in the digital age. We’d love to have some institutional fellows or the like at some point. The “in public” phrase means to signal our commitment to public learning and open access.

We have an idea about what could happen if libraries agree to pool as much of their data and metadata as they can (while protecting privacy, of course). We call this project LibraryCloud. But we’re just beginning to work on this. We’ll post about it as developments develop.

Who we are

The people at the Library Lab.


Friends and fellow travelers.

Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Digital Public Library of America
Antonio Fernandes
Jeff Goldenson
Jessica Yurkofsky