Who isn’t a book publisher these days?

Barnes & Noble has launched PubIt, a service for authors who want to publish directly to readers — well, directly through B&N. Create a B&N user account and upload some files, and PubIt will convert them to ePub, list your book on its site, collect money from sales, and about 60 days later will send you your money.

Some miscellaneous points about PubIt: You can optionally add DRM to your books, but you don’t have to. You don’t need an ISBN number. You set the list price, but B&N can set the sale price. You have to charge at least $0.99. You have to guarantee that you won’t list it for less elsewhere.

How much does an author make per copy? B&N says: 65% of the list price for books priced at $2.99-$9.99, and 40% for books outside of that range. But a warning: I think I got that right, but B&N refers to the money paid to “the Publisher,” leaving us to figure out whether the publisher is the author or B&N. It’s getting so hard to tell!

(BTW, you can still buy books published at LuLu.com at B&N.)

3 Responses to “Who isn’t a book publisher these days?”

  1. Steven DeBardelaben

    Do you realize how full circle this has become? We have gone from mere desktop publishing, to bookstore publishing.

    I fear however that this is the death knell for quality books. Used to you wrote a book, tried to find an editor and publisher, then convince someone to publish, if they think the book was a viable product.

    Now people will publish directly without editors, the quality of material published will plummet, and the industry will revolve around which keywords get the most traffic.

    Soon we will have a surplus of useless e-books just like there is with blogs now.

    So sad…

  2. Buku

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