Library Lab/The Podcast 009: What Libraries Want

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The way we search for information on the web has antecedents in the way search works in traditional libraries and research journals. There’s metadata, and there’s also a sense of allowing the content that is most cited to float to the top.

So why the library of the future still being waylaid?

While research journals and paywalled sites often have an advantage when it comes to organization and quality of content, sites like Wikipedia dominate the educational web due to their openness and collaborative nature.

For Episode Nine David Weinberger spoke with Kevin Kelly — journalist and author of the book What Technology Wants — about search, openness, and the future of the library.

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7 Responses to “Library Lab/The Podcast 009: What Libraries Want”

  1. Caroline Sound

    Interesting how libraries will need to evolve and play a part in access to the world wide web for all, although the web has revolutionised research and made things so much easier we have to be sure of the integrity of information posted there!

  2. Buitenspeelgoed

    What fallasleepfast says: kids who we teach in Holland doesn’t seem to absorb the knowlegde but think about how they can find the information as fast as possible.

  3. Joy

    There are so many information we can find online. So much things we can read and learn.

  4. Serials

    […] David Weinberger hat sich mit Kevin Kelly über die Zukunft der Bibliotheken unterhalten:» What Libraries Want Hier erscheinen von Montag bis Freitag ausgewählte Links zu lesenswerten Texten und aktuellen […]!!!!