Link roundup June 5, 2013

Fokus – Emphasized text-highlighting using JavaScript
Fokus uses JavaScript to emphasize anything you select by covering the rest of the page with semi-transparent black. – Matt Phillips

Designing Libraries That Encourage Teens to Loiter – Amanda Erickson – The Atlantic Cities
– David Weinberger

Libraries expanding availability of free digital downloads |
– David Weinberger

In the Digital Age, What Becomes of the Library? | MindShift
– David Weinberger

3 Cliches To Use Today With Your Company | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
“I won’t invest in a “ask for permission” deal,” he writes. “They don’t work.” – Matt Phillips

The Free Little Library by Stereotank | Colossal
Another street library – Annie

timestamping youtube is great – jeff

▶ Jonathan Zittrain on Protecting Legal Scholarship for Posterity | PolicyCast by Harvard University
Jonathan Zittrain talks about preventing link rot in law review citations. – Kim Dulin

Don’t Panic: Why Catastrophism Fails Libraries | Peer to Peer Review
– David Weinberger

Jetpack for WordPress
Use the WordPress API with self-hosted blogs – Annie

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