Git physical

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This is a guest blog post by our summer fellow Miglena Minkova. Last week at LIL, I had the pleasure of running a pilot of git physical, the first part of a series of workshops aimed at introducing git to artists and designers through creative challenges. In this workshop I focused on covering the basics:… Read more »

LIL Talks: Comedy

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This is a guest post by our LIL interns — written by Zach Tan with help from Anna Bialas and Doyung Lee This week, LIL’s resident comic (and staff member) Brett Johnson taught a room full of LIL staff, interns, and fellows the finer intricacies of stand up comedy, which included the construction of a… Read more »

IIPC: Two Track Thursday

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A protester throwing cookies at the parliament. Here are some things that caught our ear this fine Thursday at the International Internet Preservation Consortium web archiving conference: Tom Storrar at the UK Government Web Archive reports on a user research project: ~20 in person interviews and ~130 WAMMI surveys resulting in 5 character vignettes. “WAMMI”… Read more »