pockets of people

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we hosted a bunch of amazing visitors earlier this week (knight prototype workshop!) and we were fortunate enough to gather everyone for dinner. after drinks were served, i used my phone’s camera and swooped into each booth aka pocket of people. swooping into these pockets of people is surprisingly meaningful and rich — i very much… Read more »

Ars Electronica Highlights 3

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I’m sharing more highlights from this year’s Ars Electronica Festival. See parts one and two for even more.   The future of the lab – I saw Ivan Poupyrev talk about about the future of labs. He said a whole bunch of interesting things, but the thing stuck most with me is his advice on staffing… Read more »

Ars Electronica Highlights 2

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I’m sharing more highlights from this year’s Ars Electronica Festival. See part one for more highlights.   Animated restroom sign – The men’s bathroom had the best sign ever! I’ve never been so delighted by a bathroom sign. Playful and fun use of a projector and an animation.   Interface I by Ralf Baecker –… Read more »

Ars Electronica Festival Highlights

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I’m so insanely happy to be at the 2016 edition of the Ars Electronica Festival. I’ve wanted to attend for a long time and this year things came together. The festival is as good as I expected.   The scale is large – seemingly endless talks, workshops, and exhibits spread throughout the city of Linz (Austria). I won’t attempt any type of… Read more »

Private Talking Spaces Progress

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We’ve been working hard on our Private Talking Spaces effort. Lots of thinking about how to create equity in shared spaces in libraries. Lots of thinking about how to increase focus for folks talking on phones (and maintain the focus of those around them not talking on phones). Lots of thinking about where private talking spaces might be… Read more »

Summer Fellows Share, Join Us

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LIL fellows are wrapping up their terms this week! Please join us for and learn from our Fellows as they present their research involving ways we can explore and utilize technology to preserve, prepare, and present information for the common good. Over 12 weeks, the Fellows produced everything from book chapters, web applications, and board games ­ and,… Read more »

private talking spaces

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people want to talk on their cell phones when they’re working in the library. let’s accommodate these desires by providing secure and private talking spaces what is the shape of a private talking space in a library? we don’t know, but we’re thinking hard and talking to a lot of different folks that know how libraries are… Read more »

Announcing Summer Fellows

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We’re beyond thrilled to introduce our first cohort of LIL Summer Fellows. The following seven brilliant minds will be working here in the Harvard Law School Library (HLSL) for the next 12 weeks, exploring new pathways in technology, law, and libraries. Fellows, staff, and interns in the Langdell reading room   Neel Agrawal, neelagrawal.com  Neel comes… Read more »

Hiring! Devops energy wanted.

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The Harvard Library Innovation Lab is looking for a devops engineer to help us build tools to explore the open internet and see deep into the future of libraries. Our projects range in scope from fast-moving prototypes to long-term innovations. The best way to get a feel for what we do is by looking at some… Read more »