Hiring! We want your design energy.

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  The Harvard Library Innovation Lab and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society are looking for a web designer to help us build tools to explore the open Internet and define the future of libraries. Our projects range in scope from fast-moving prototypes to long-term innovations. The best way to get a feel for… Read more »

Awesome Box at PLA 2014. Thank you.

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Thanks to everyone at PLA 2014 in Indianapolis for making the Awesome Box feel welcome. We learned some things about public libraries and got to share the Awesome Box with a lot of people. When we arrived at the exhibit hall it was a dash to get our booth setup. We tossed on the tablecloths,… Read more »

Awesome Box at Watertown

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The Watertown Free Public Library has fully embraced the Awesome Box. They have not one but two Awesome Boxes — one at the main circulation desk and one at the circulation desk in the children’s room.   The Awesome Box in the children’s room has a button that when pressed says “Awesome.”   In addition… Read more »


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      Websites change, go away, and are taken down. In general, we understand that the Web is ephemeral and we’re okay with encountering the occasional 404. We can tell ourselves, “Hey, don’t worry about it. There are at least 542 million other cat pictures out there. I’ll find another one.” Sometimes though, you… Read more »

Awesome Widget

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We’ve created an embeddable widget for the Awesome Box. This widget allows Awesome Box members to share items that have been awesomed without forcing their patrons to visit the Awesome Box site.   Here’s an example of the embedded widget:   This is cool in a blog post and would be so much cooler on… Read more »

Boxes deployed, more data

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We recently rolled out more Awesome Boxes here at Harvard. We now have boxes in Widener, Langdell, Lamont, and Cabot.   We have a couple of other boxes waiting to be delivered to their new homes after the new year.   We put together a special box for our home base, Langdell Library here in… Read more »

LIL on github

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Group hug at github. We’ve been loving github lately. We used to manage our own Git repositories on a local development server, then we saw the glowing beacon that is github. We ran to it and we haven’t looked back. Code management is as good as it gets. Project management is pleasant too thanks to… Read more »

Down with Pound

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LIL offices are located in Langdell Hall, about 20 feet away from Pound Hall. Part of Pound Hall is currently being jackhammered and bulldozed to make way for a new outdoor common space. Here’s a snapshot of what we see when we enter Langdell.

The Setup – Matt Phillips

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We’re regular readers of The Setup. We really like it. We like it so much that we’re doing a local version for the Lab. Matt is up first. Who are you, and what do you do? I’m Matt Phillips. I work in the Harvard Library Innovation Lab. I try to make libraries better, usually by… Read more »