Link roundup September 3, 2015

Goodbye summer

You can now buy Star Wars’ adorable BB-8 droid and let it patrol your home | The Verge

World Airports Voronoi

Stephen Colbert on Making The Late Show His Own | GQ

See What Happens When Competing Brands Swap Colors | Mental Floss

The Website MLB Couldn’t Buy

Link roundup August 30, 2015

This is the good stuff.

Rethinking Work

Putting Elon Musk and Steve Jobs on a Pedestal Misrepresents How Innovation Happens

Lamp Shows | HAIKU SALUT

Lawn Order | 99% Invisible

Link roundup August 19, 2015

We found some cool stuff you might like.

Michael Itkoff :: How To

Locking the Web Open: A Call for a Distributed Web

Looking for a Breakthrough? Study Says to Make Time for Tedium

Kodak’s First Digital Moment

Link roundup August 14, 2015

Friday Fun Day

Use the words normal people use

PomPom Mirror

The Last Kings Of Kong

Old graph paper

Link roundup August 11, 2015

A set of links for a rainy day

Herman Miller: The Picnic Posters – Design Milk

New Smartwatch Will Turn Texts Into Braille | Mental Floss

Four Oh Four! | FT Labs

Very Old Tweets (@VeryOldTweets) | Twitter

The Internet Archive Wants To Digitize 40,000 VHS And Betamax Tapes | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Link roundup August 4, 2015

This is the good stuff.

The new importance of ‘social listening’ tools – Columbia Journalism Review

How screens make us feel – Columbia Journalism Review

How screens make us feel – Columbia Journalism Review

Can Superman Get Sued for Trashing Metropolis? | WIRED

Link roundup July 31, 2015

This is the good stuff.

The Factory of Ideas: Working at Bell Labs

The UK National Videogame Arcade is the inspirational mecca that gaming needs | Ars Technica

I Can Haz Memento

A Graphical Taxonomy of Roller Derby Skate Names

Link roundup July 28, 2015

I see a theme here — computers are entertainers, directors, performers.

A Sort of Joy

Editor by NYTLabs

GIFs of Japanese Life

The Next Wave

Link roundup July 24, 2015

A block of links sourced from the team. We’ve got Annie, Adam, dano, and Matt!

A Light Sculpture Is Harvesting San Francisco’s Secrets

Toki Pona: A Language With a Hundred Words – The Atlantic

Swedish Puzzle Rooms Test Teams’ Wits and Strength | Mental Floss

Link roundup July 8, 2015

This is the good stuff.

Why I Vote GIF

The Fine Art of Forgery

Stuff in Space

As Bar Codes Replace Tickets, Something Is Lost Before the First Pitch

A New Word on the Internet