In newest porn debate, Orland Park library pleads the First –
“Please face your monitors toward the wall. Thank you.” – David Weinberger

Budgets Challenge Libraries, a ‘Point of Integration’ for Immigrants
It’s a point of integration into American culture. It’s a support. – Matt Phillips

National digital library gains traction | Harvard Gazette
Now with 100% more StackLife! – David Weinberger

Futuristic Architecture: Learning Center by Zaha Hadid – Design Milk
Futuristic new library in Vienna – Annie

Can E-Books Save The Neighborhood Bookstore? via
reddit discussion – David Weinberger

Check it out: Little free libraries are sprouting up all around town –
Note: Check it out: Little free libraries are sprouting up all around town – – David Weinberger

A Camera Drama
A collection of unique camera apparatuses and the footage they produce – Annie

IBM Watson’s New Gig: Cancer Fighter
IBM Watson goes from Jeopardy to mining unstructured medical data – Annie

Coyle’s InFormation: Instant WayBack URL
Realtime WayBack archiving at the Internet Archive – Matt Phillips

Help Bring New York City’s Past Back to Life From Your Phone
play around with digitized fire insurance maps of New York City from the 1850s and 1860s and improve the accuracy of the digital versions in the process – Matt Phillips

Self-publishing and Libraries — Annoyed Librarian
– David Weinberger

The first bookless library: BiblioTech offers only e-books | Fox 59 News –
– David Weinberger

Librarian Shaming lets library workers share their shameful secrets –
– David Weinberger

Knowledge Unlatched looking for 200 libraries in order to make 28 books Open Access
– David Weinberger

What’s New With Libraries And Ebooks? In Conversation With The American Library Association – Forbes
– David Weinberger

Harvard University Library | Opinion | The Harvard Crimson
– David Weinberger

Jaron Lanier at the NYPL Live
Jaron Lanier takes the stage for a conversation about the future of libraries and information. – Matt Phillips

Penguin makes its ebooks available to libraries through Overdrive once again — paidContent
– David Weinberger

Evidence that putting collections online increases visitation (Amanda French)
– David Weinberger

Metro libraries writing a novel chapter in e-book lending | Star Tribune
– David Weinberger

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Read Books : books
– David Weinberger

Library News | New Links
– David Weinberger

M&D 2013 Sabotage on Vimeo
Beastie Boys + Librarians = – Annie





Websites change, go away, and are taken down. In general, we understand that the Web is ephemeral and we’re okay with encountering the occasional 404. We can tell ourselves, “Hey, don’t worry about it. There are at least 542 million other cat pictures out there. I’ll find another one.” Sometimes though, you are linking to something important and it’s a huge bummer to lose the content at the other end of the link. Like when you’re reading a Supreme Court opinion and every other link you click on is dead.

The problem of missing linked content, or reference rot, is solvable though and we’ve taken a stab at it. Our solution is

At, any author (you!) can input a URL for archiving. When you submit the URL to, will, in realtime, download the content at that URL and pass back to you a new URL (a “ link”). You can then insert the new link into your scholarly paper, blog entry, or Supreme Court opinion. For example, if you’re referencing the Dole Kemp ’96 campaign site, you’ll give,, and will return to you for insertion into your publication. is a big effort and we knew we’d be in over our heads if we tried to go it alone. So, we found some friends — 30 or so amazing partners that are helping us build the product and host the archived sites.

Libraries are ideal partners for They are uniquely situated to battle reference rot — they’re trusted sources, they’re good at archiving, and they think on a long timescale.

This effort has been getting some coverage lately. Get started with the New York Times piece and give Jonathan Zittrain’s Marketplace Tech interview a listen.

As with all of the Lab’s work, our code is open and we’d love to have your help. So, mosey on over to GitHub, fork the repo, fix and enhance, and send us pull requests. Thank you.

Keys To The Whole World: American Public Libraries : NPR
NPR series on public libraries – Annie

Public Library Transformed Into A Gorgeous Modern Home
– Annie

Log Book With Computer Bug
The National Museum of American History has the creature in the archives. – Matt Phillips

Margaret Atwood on books: “Push comes to shove, they’re great insulating material” via
– David Weinberger News Article: Libraries Remain Centerpieces of Morale, Welfare Programs
– David Weinberger

Cory Doctorow: Libraries and E-books
– David Weinberger

I spent the past few months building an alternative to Goodreads. Less noise, no spam, better ratings and recs. : books
– David Weinberger

Lending of e-books not always easy for suburban libraries –
– David Weinberger

Library News | New Links
– David Weinberger

Libraries vary in availability of materials to minors –
– David Weinberger

Brazilian tackles library deficit with “Cloud of Books” | GlobalPost
– David Weinberger

Library visitors increase by 9 percent | |
– David Weinberger

Identicons! · GitHub
Unique-ish Gravatar for those without Gravatars – Annie

University libraries look to reduce licensing costs | Inside Higher Ed
– David Weinberger



This March, Sidsel Bech-Petersen a Library Transformer at Aarhus Public Libraries and I have proposed a session at South By Southwest Interactive.  It’s called Library Machines, and essentially, it’s a discussion/workshop to explore new ideas and directions for libraries.  It will be the spiritual sibling of last year’s Libraries: the Ultimate Playground.

During the Library Machines session, we’ll all go through a quick, “mad libs” style design exercise, and use that as a jumping off point for a larger discussion through the rest of the session.

1) If you’re going to be at SXSW, join us! this will be a discussion and making session, not a presentation

2) If all goes according to plan, outside this session we should be facilitating a bunch of library “innovation”-y fun stuff so reach out if you’re interested in helping!  (jgoldenson AT

Give it a thumbs up, a tweet and if inspired, make an Library Machine in the comments!  

12 Best Fictional Libraries :: Blogs :: List of the Day :: Culture :: Paste
Meh. Sort worth a look. – David Weinberger

The Story of Maria’s Libraries
Fantastic post on libraries as a network of local resources for community needs, in Kenya – David Weinberger

3-D printing: Public libraries’ latest step into the digital world –
– David Weinberger

Google textbook service offers new way to save hundreds on college expenses | Deseret News
– David Weinberger

University libraries are shaping the future of learning and research | Higher Education Network | Guardian Professional
– David Weinberger

On the Return of a Long-Lost Library Book, the World Rejoices
I love what what these stories say about the stability of the library. Libraries for the long haul — physical instantiations and as a cultural institution. – Matt Phillips

British Library builds fire-proof home for 750m newspapers
“There are going to take most of the oxygen out of this place. There will be no people in here.” – Matt Phillips

Abandoned Walmart is Now America’s Largest Library via
– David Weinberger

The Hole in Our Collective Memory: How Copyright Made Mid-Century Books Vanish
“Publishers are simply not publishing copyrighted titles unless they are very recent.” – Matt Phillips

Educational Leadership:Technology-Rich Learning:Our Brains Extended
Curricula for the networked age – David Weinberger

Little libraries go a long way in building community | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram
– David Weinberger

Here’s how Amazon self-destructs –
– David Weinberger

Do Things that Don’t Scale
“one sort of initial tactic that usually doesn’t work: the Big Launch. I occasionally meet founders who seem to believe startups are projectiles rather than powered aircraft, and that they’ll make it big if and only if they’re launched with sufficient ini – Matt Phillips

Libraries and makerspaces join up in DC, Chicago – Boing Boing
– David Weinberger

Looking Beyond the Recipes: An Academic Approach to Reading Cookbooks
Libraries build communities — “One of the most thrilling aspects of being here is being in the same room with so many international cookbook readers and writers,” – Matt Phillips

US Libraries Offer More Than Free Book Loans
– David Weinberger

First Look at gets some love. – Matt Phillips

$1 Million Gates Grant to Fund Chicago, Aarhus Libraries’ Innovation Partnership | ALA Annual 2013
– David Weinberger

Books on Bikes| The Economist
– David Weinberger

Book discovery sans metadata: No Names, No Jackets
– David Weinberger

E-books strain relationship between book publishers and libraries — Opinion — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
– David Weinberger