Welcome to the ShelfLife DPLA Demo!

The DPLA Proposal

LibraryCloud is a multi-library metadata server that aggregates library data such as circulation data, user reviews and ratings, social interaction data, and more. It makes all of this openly available through APIs and as Linked Open Data, to spur innovation and to integrate what libraries know into the rest of the Web ecology.

ShelfLife is an intended front end for users of DPLA. It draws its data from LibraryCloud.

The Welcome Video

Click to see a 1.5 minute welcome video. (Click again to hide it.)

The Tour

We have a guided walkthrough of live software managing almost 15 million catalog entries from six different contributing libraries in our consortium.

Note this is pre-alpha software, and have fun!

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What's trending in America's Libraries?


This home page is your launching pad for the ShelfLife + LibraryCloud vision of what the DPLA could be.

Click in the stack or do a search, and jump in.

The ShelfLife Collaborative

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Explore regional trends with LibraryCloud

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