I see a theme here — computers are entertainers, directors, performers.

A Sort of Joy

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GIFs of Japanese Life

The Next Wave

A block of links sourced from the team. We’ve got Annie, Adam, dano, and Matt!

A Light Sculpture Is Harvesting San Francisco’s Secrets

Toki Pona: A Language With a Hundred Words – The Atlantic

Swedish Puzzle Rooms Test Teams’ Wits and Strength | Mental Floss

This is the good stuff.

Why I Vote GIF

The Fine Art of Forgery

Stuff in Space

As Bar Codes Replace Tickets, Something Is Lost Before the First Pitch

A New Word on the Internet

This and that for the end of June.

9 Themed Color Palette Collections to Inspire You | Mental Floss

Oxford Scientist Explains the Physics of Playing Electric Guitar Solos | Open Culture


More rounded up than ever

Spot the Ball: Women’s World Cup 2015 – NYTimes.com

Toby Glanville’s brilliant images of workers in the late 90s

The construction of the Statue of Liberty – Google Cultural Institute

Giphoscopes from Officina K | The Public Domain Review

Some stuff we liked on the web this week…

Harvard Law’s Jonathan Zittrain Defends Libraries — Yes, Even The BPL | WGBH News

Designing The Pen | Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum


Inside Obama’s Stealth Startup | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Don’t be Ned Stark — Medium

This is the good stuff.

Paul Ford: What is Code? | Bloomberg

How 77 Metro Agencies Design the Letter ‘M’ for Their Transit Logo – CityLab

Go To Hellman: Protect Reader Privacy with Referrer Meta Tags

Can the Swiss Watchmaker Survive the Digital Age?

‘Passports’ To Vermont Libraries Encourage Literary Exploration

Some links to start your June with

In A Digital Chapter, Paper Notebooks Are As Relevant As Ever : NPR

Pigs and Mice Have the Lowliest Jobs in Richard Scarry’s Busytown | Mental Floss

I’ve been texting with an astronaut – Boing Boing

May Day! Start May off right with these links.

How Old Do I Look?

A Basement Dedicated to Extreme LEGO Building | Mental Floss

Back Stage at the Machine Theater

Electroninks: Creators of Circuit Scribe, Draw Circuits Instantly!