Library Hose analytics and this awesome video

So I wonder how we should start recording what people click on and do on the Lib Hose page.  Which books are they clicking to learn more about.

I wonder if the iframe’s we’re using for the window-in-window effect will obscure anything.

Anyhow, check out this video, you definitely get the gist after a little while, but amazing.  2.5 year old meets iPad

From the father’s post: “My iPhone-savvy 2.5 year-old daughter held an iPad for the very first time last night, and it turned out to be an interesting user-interface experiment.”

5 Responses to “Library Hose analytics and this awesome video”

  1. Annie

    Recording clicks is a great idea. I don’t think the lightbox will throw anything off because they are still just normal links. I guess we’ll see for sure when we try it out.

    2.5 year-olds are so much smarter than us. Talk about digital native.

  2. lbjay

    Cool stuff. I’m curious if you guys have thought ahead to the twitter annotation features and how you might want to use it to include item ids and metadata in those tweets rather than just bitly urls back to the catalog. There was a lengthy discussion about this on the code4lib list a couple weeks ago:

    Also wondering (big surprise!) how did the internal conversations about privacy implications go?

  3. Jeff

    lbjay – glad you liked the hose. More coming on that front. We did this prior to the metadata announcement, but yeah, that extra space/tweet would be good.

    The biggest problem we’re having with twitter actually is we’re hitting the ceiling on the number of tweets per day and they also have a limit on tweets per hour, which we we bang our heads against. We’ve requested to get on the “white list” which basically takes away these issues, but no response yet.

    Re the privacy, we’re kinda doing first asking permission later, and we haven’t heard from anybody yet… The stream is also not perfectly real-time, we’ve messed with that to maintain user anonymity.

    You do this kinda stuff?

  4. lbjay

    Do this kinda stuff? Well, only in the sense that I devote an unsustainable level of attention to a too-wide variety of interests that are only relevant to my day-to-day tasks in some dreamed-of future.