Robert Darnton on books, ebooks, Google Books, and the DPLA

Robert Darnton, historian and Director of the Harvard Library, talks about the future of books and libraries.

10 Responses to “Robert Darnton on books, ebooks, Google Books, and the DPLA”

  1. scotty mcebook

    I hope in future there are millions, millions of ebooks ….. a wonderful new world of entertaining and education …..

    So You can discover something new every day!

    thank you for these information

  2. Kevin Blumer

    I think we will find library’s will eventually go. What i think for like the uk is that we join the university and the colleges and the schools and the public library’s together. You can put computers in a library but the problem with that is a library is there for books.

  3. Sosyal Medya

    E-books are nice resources. I have a kindle for reading books and i think in near future books will be replaced with e- books.

    Nice article.
    Thank you

  4. Classicly

    I work for an ebook website and I still haven’t fully made a transition to ebooks. Certain books, novels especially, I like in print, especially if it’s available in hardback. If it’s a paperback and it’s more non-fiction, I like to read it on a Kindle or iPad. I’m not sure what the difference is when it comes to my preferences, but they still exist. Ebooks will just make the reading environment more varied.

  5. TonyLordOnline

    The advent of e-books allows practically anyone to become a self-publisher. What is published is no longer subject to a publishing house’s quality control, so buyer beware rules.

    As for the individual writing the published work they will only achieve decent volume circulation if they build a reputation for quality and drive their own publicity intelligently.

  6. Gary

    Paper books will remain irreplaceable. That is – until Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 firemen arrive.

  7. Jansen

    Goodmorning(For me in Holland)

    i am sure that e-books are the future. I think that ebooks in Holland are still not so popular than in other countries. In a few years students do not have too buy new books and the beginning of the schoolyear, but i am sure that they need too buy a netbook or a tablet to follow education