LIL Talks: Parsing Caselaw

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In last week’s LIL talk, expert witness Adam Ziegler took the stand to explain the structure of legal opinions and give an overview of our country’s appellate process. First on the docket was a general overview of our country’s judicial structure, specifically noting the similarities between our federal and state systems, which both progress from… Read more »

Michael S. Hart

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First, an email from Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive about Michael S. Hart: A dear friend and an inspiration unfortunately died yesterday. He dedicated his life to getting books to everyone in the world. He did this with no compensation and lived a life of near poverty. But he always shined with good cheer,… Read more »

Has HarperCollins lost its mind or its soul?

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[Note: As always with posts on this blog, authors speak for themselves. – dw] HarperCollins has changed its agreement with the main distributor of e-books to libraries: e-books will now become inaccessible after 26 checkouts. I understand publishers’ desire to limit ebook access so that selling one copy doesn’t serve the needs of the entire… Read more »