Adam talks LIL on the Lawyerist Podcast

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This May, Managing Director Adam Ziegler was a guest on the Lawyerist podcast, discussing recent goings-on at the Library Innovation Lab. Sam Glover and Adam discuss the future of law, its challenges and how the Innovation Lab endeavors to address these. is chiefly discussed, along with H2O and the Free the Law project. Listen here! The… Read more »

Dan Cohen on the DPLA’s proposal to the FCC

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I’ve posted a podcast interview with Dan Cohen, the executive director of the Digital Public Library of America about their proposal to the FCC. The FCC is looking for ways to modernize the E-Rate program that has brought the Internet to libraries and schools. The DPLA is proposing DPLA Local, which will enable libraries to… Read more »

Are publishers out-competing libraries? Podcast with Andrew Odlyzko

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[mp3 here] Last week, Andrew Odlyzko [wikipedia] a mathematician and historian, and former head of the University of Minnesota’s Digital Technology Center, posted a research paper that concludes that the data suggest that libraries are losing their competition with the publishers of academic journals. Andrew is a long-time open access advocate, so he’s not saying… Read more »

[podcast] Sebastian Hammer on federated search

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In this 23min podcast [ogg here], Sebastian Hammer, president of IndexData, explains the srengths and limitations of federated search, which runs queries on a distributed set of sources, as opposed to using a big honking centralized index.

Library Lab/The Podcast 011: A Technological Graveyard?

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Listen: 23:07 (Also in ogg) “Your average citizen is not technologically savvy,” says Marilyn Johnson, the author of This Book Is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All Even as technology takes over more and more of our lives many of us are living in a technology cemetery, filled with old gadgets we… Read more »

[podcast] Alison Head on what students do in libraries

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Listen: 26:28 Alison Head, who is spending time with us at the LiL as she simultaneously is a Fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center — she is the co-diorector of Project Information Literacy at the Univ. of Washington’s Information School — spoke with us about a new study she’s done with Michael Eisenberg [pdf] about… Read more »