Dan Cohen on the DPLA’s proposal to the FCC

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I’ve posted a podcast interview with Dan Cohen, the executive director of the Digital Public Library of America about their proposal to the FCC. The FCC is looking for ways to modernize the E-Rate program that has brought the Internet to libraries and schools. The DPLA is proposing DPLA Local, which will enable libraries to… Read more »

Are publishers out-competing libraries? Podcast with Andrew Odlyzko

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[mp3 here] Last week, Andrew Odlyzko [wikipedia] a mathematician and historian, and former head of the University of Minnesota’s Digital Technology Center, posted a research paper that concludes that the data suggest that libraries are losing their competition with the publishers of academic journals. Andrew is a long-time open access advocate, so he’s not saying… Read more »

[podcast] Sebastian Hammer on federated search

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In this 23min podcast [ogg here], Sebastian Hammer, president of IndexData, explains the srengths and limitations of federated search, which runs queries on a distributed set of sources, as opposed to using a big honking centralized index.

Library Lab/The Podcast 011: A Technological Graveyard?

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Listen: 23:07 (Also in ogg) “Your average citizen is not technologically savvy,” says Marilyn Johnson, the author of This Book Is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All Even as technology takes over more and more of our lives many of us are living in a technology cemetery, filled with old gadgets we… Read more »

[podcast] Alison Head on what students do in libraries

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Listen: 26:28 Alison Head, who is spending time with us at the LiL as she simultaneously is a Fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center — she is the co-diorector of Project Information Literacy at the Univ. of Washington’s Information School — spoke with us about a new study she’s done with Michael Eisenberg [pdf] about… Read more »