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Python Web Developer - Perma.cc Project

Who we are

LIL is a small startup shop embedded in the world's largest academic law library. We build open-source experiments and share them with the world. Some grow into high-profile hosted websites that are depended on by courts, lawyers, professors, publishers, and the public.

Among other things, we're curing link rot with Perma.cc, exploring new publishing models for textbooks with H2O, and scanning 40 million pages of American caselaw with Free the Law.

Who we need

We need an experienced Python/Django developer to work on the Perma.cc project. Over the past three years, Perma has grown explosively in the legal field, now serving over half of American law schools and 20% of state Supreme Courts. Over the next two years, we'll expand Perma support to all academic fields as well as commercial users. You'll write the code to make that possible.

While your primary project will be Perma, we're a collaborative, experimental lab, and we hope you'll bring us your side projects and be excited about ours. This is a great spot for people who are enthusiastic about the web and the future of libraries.


  • Work with a small, self-directed team to design and implement improvements to the Perma.cc website


We won't reject any applications out of hand — enthusiasm for our mission is the top priority. But here's what we're looking for:

  • Professional front-end and back-end web development experience with Django, Javascript, CSS, and HTML
  • Demonstrated ability to implement advanced or low-level features (the ability to contribute to our custom web capture and distributed storage processes, and to find and patch bugs in the libraries we depend on)
  • Demonstrated engagement with the open source community
  • Familiarity with relational databases and datastores such as MySQL and Redis
  • Familiarity with git-based web development workflows
  • Familiarity with basic Linux server administration
  • Experience with third-party integrations, such as payment processors and authentication servers
  • Experience with AWS deployments

Lifestyle and Perks

  • Work with a creative, multitalented team in a relaxed, academic environment
  • Full Harvard employee benefits, including free or cheap Harvard classes
  • Access to the Harvard community and events
  • Collaborate with web luminaries at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, with whom we share a faculty director

Questions? Email lil@law.harvard.edu.

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