Awesome Box at PLA next week

Anybody going to the Public Library Association conference next week?

Awesome Box will be there! We have a brand new look complete with stickers and bookmarks for folks who stop by and say hi.


new bookmark


AWESOME BOX stcker blue 1-01


We’re looking forward to meeting lots of new libraries and signing on more Awesome Box users.


We’ll be in booth 539.

Dan Cohen on the DPLA’s proposal to the FCC

I’ve posted a podcast interview with Dan Cohen, the executive director of the Digital Public Library of America about their proposal to the FCC.

The FCC is looking for ways to modernize the E-Rate program that has brought the Internet to libraries and schools. The DPLA is proposing DPLA Local, which will enable libraries to create online digital collections using the DPLA’s platform.

I’m excited about this for two reasons beyond the service it would provide.

First, it could be a first step toward providing cloud-based library services, instead of the proprietary, closed, expensive systems libraries typically use to manage their data. (Evergreen, I’m not talking about you, you open source scamp!)

Second, as libraries build their collections using DPLA Local, their metadata is likely to assume normalized forms, which means that we should get cross-collection discovery and semantic riches.

Here’s the proposal itself. And here’s where you can comment to the FCC about it.

Link roundup February 26, 2014

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Portraits of librarians at the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting
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The Beer Fridge That Only Opens for Canadians
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Bill Bonner: The Archivist of Photographic Memories
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Why did you come to the library today? Participatory Display
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Link roundup February 17, 2014

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An air hockey bot made of 3D printer parts
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The Book Cover Archive
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Crosswalk wait provides an opportunity for pedestrians to play Pong – Matt Phillips

Link roundup January 31, 2014

Sense and sensorbility: the book that lets you feel your protagonist’s pain
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From Yoda to Darth Vader with LEGO Bricks
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Interface, Exhibition & Artwork: Geocities, Deleted City and the Future of Interfaces to Digital Collections | The Signal: Digital Preservation
Wait, Stanford acquired 4chan’s archives? – jeff

Github Guides
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Game of Clones
How the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is fixing link rot – Matt Phillips

Harvard Library Staff Picks
In December 2013, Library staff members uploaded recommendations from their 19-million-volume collection. – Matt Phillips

The New York Times’ Most Popular Story of 2013 Was Not an Article
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Link roundup January 14, 2014

Simple chat program using inaudible sounds and a computer’s microphone and speaker. – Matt Phillips

The Year in Kickstarter 2013
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Canadian Company Build Functional Truck Out of Blocks of Ice
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Print Starts to Settle Into Its Niches –
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What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2014?
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TOP 10 libraries of 2013
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Soft Discipline and Open Libraries in Denmark
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Book clusters produced “in the wild” at a public library. Documented through photography. – Matt Phillips

Rocky Morphology
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Boston: Boston in Winter – a set on Flickr
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How to speak American
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Disruptions: A Digital Underworld Cloaked in Anonymity
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library card resin iphone 5 case
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Link roundup November 19, 2013

MIT’s Amazing 3D Gizmo
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Are Digital Libraries A ‘Winner-Takes-All’ Market? OverDrive Hopes So – Forbes
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videoconverter.js – Convert Videos In Your Web Browser
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GitHub’s Explore Email – interesting repos on GitHub
Daily, weekly, or Monthly email highlighting interesting repos on GitHub. – Matt Phillips

Race car game. No computer required.
The participant can drive the tiny car. Behind the screen the mechanics of installation are revealed. – Matt Phillips

BBC News – Bletchley Park WWII archive to go online
Millions of documents stored at the World War II code-breaking centre, Bletchley Park, are set to be digitised – Matt Phillips

The Daily Tar Heel :: NC libraries put content online
Content from 100 institutions goes online – David Weinberger

Awesome Box at Watertown

The Watertown Free Public Library has fully embraced the Awesome Box. They have not one but two Awesome Boxes — one at the main circulation desk and one at the circulation desk in the children’s room.


The Awesome Box in the children’s room has a button that when pressed says “Awesome.”


In addition to the boxes, they’ve installed a display that oozes awesome. With the display, the boxes, and the button, it’s a full awesome experience.


Pop by the WFPL in person and checkout the things they’ve Awesomed on the Web.